How do I book an appointment?
Appointment availability is announced through my newsletter. Every 3-4 months I send out a booking newsletter with a link to the current booking form and previews of new flash. If you signed up for my mailing list and haven’t received a newsletter yet, don’t worry, you probably just signed up between booking cycles.

Where can I see your available flash?
I release new flash quarterly via my newsletter, just before I open my books. I render all of my flash by hand, in ink. This process takes a long time but I feel it's the most accurate way to represent how these drawings will appear as tattoos. Because of this detailed step in my art process I am only able to open my books seasonally.

I always prioritize booking my most recent flash and ideas that relate to that content. I am constantly drawing and it is difficult for me to document and promote all of my flash. Most of this work ends up going directly into my flash books. You never know what might be in the books when you come in!

Can I reserve a specific piece of flash?
YES, BUT! You absolutely must be committed to getting that specific piece tattooed. I tattoo each drawing once only. If I reserve a piece for you, that means it becomes unavailable to everyone else. If you think you’ll come in and change your mind on the day of your appointment then it’s probably best not to reserve anything and leave it up to fate!

Do you tattoo flash multiple times?
No. I strive to give all of my clients their own unique piece.

Modifications to previously tattooed flash: In *some* instances, I may be interested in re-inventing a previously tattooed flash by adding color or by modifying the design. Please note that both of these options may require a color and/or re-design fee. You must let me know if this is what you want in advance, when you fill out your booking form. 

Do you offer custom tattoos?
Sometimes. I am only able to take on a *few* custom projects each cycle as I spend the majority of my drawing time creating new flash for the next booking cycle. I only accept custom requests that align with my current interests and style.

Custom tattoos are original works of art made at your request and this is reflected in the pricing of these works. They are more expensive than flash tattoos. Custom drawings will be shown to you when you arrive at your appointment, I do not send drawings in advance of the appointment.

Do you offer color tests? 
Yes! Anyone can get a color tattoo. Typically a color test is a small rainbow of different colored dots tattooed to see how color heals on your skin. I feel it should be noted that the way I apply handpoked color may heal differently than color applied by machine (color in my tattoos is sometimes softer and less saturated). If you want a color test we’ll need to schedule two appointments, the first one being the color test and then about 1.5 months later we’ll see how the colors healed and we can create your tattoo with desired colors. Color tests are free for Black folks and anyone with darker skin pigmentation who don’t have any color tattoos yet. For those who don’t identify as BIPOC, tests are $50 to cover time and materials. If you are getting an all-red tattoo and don’t have any red ink yet, I strongly suggest coming in for a red color test prior to your appointment.

Where is your studio?
My studio is near the Montrose L stop in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC. I have a private studio on the second floor. 

What is the difference between a handpoke and a machine made tattoo?
Handpoked tattoos are made of a series of small, singular dots put into the skin with a tattoo needle poked by hand. There is no machine involved in this process. Ink is being depositied into the same layer of skin as a mchine-made tattoo and handpoked tattoos are just as permanent. Handpoked tattoos can take a while to create, which is why it is not my preference to tattoo medium to larger pieces on sensitive areas such as the side ribs.

My handpoked tattoos have a more speckled, hand drawn feel to them. My tattoos are designed to incorporate the subtle variety of inconsistencies and textures that are natural to this tattooing process. I find the building up of dotwork and textures to be very sculptural. I am able to talk with my clients throughout the process and I absolutely enjoy sharing this ritual with them!