BODY SPELLS is a collaborative mystery oracle deck and tattoo series made by Samantha Rehark and artist Angel Garcia. Embodying the archetype of the Fool, Body Spells celebrates mystery, trust, and playful collaboration by combining the ritual magic of oracle readings and tattooing.

From 2019-2021 we each created intuitive drawings on every New and Full moon. We merged these sets of drawings into compositions which then became the mystery cards in our 78 card oracle deck. in the fall of 2019 we began hosting Body Spells events where querents would pull a card from the deck followed by a reading and discussion about the mystery image. Next, we’d all three strategize together how to best make a tattoo from the image on the card in a way that would celebrate the meaning that resonated most with the querent. Sometimes the image would be tattooed as-is, sometimes color would be added, sometimes elements of the design would be tattooed in different placements across the body. All tattoos were made by both artists utilizing both machine and handpoking tattoo techniques. Each card, reading and tattoo are very unique.

Body Spells events have taken place in Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Minneapolis, Chicago and Columbus. Below are the cards that have been revealed. Corresponding tattoos can be seen at @body_spells.